9 Things To Do Before Selling Your House

Tuesday Apr 20th, 2021



Selling your house can be an overwhelming experience with everything else you’ve got going on in your life, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are 9 things you’ll want to do before listing your house to make sure it sells quickly!

1. Find a great real estate agent

  • Resist the urge to sell your house yourself -  it’s a recipe for disaster and can lead to sacrifice of time and money. Leave it to the experts!
  • Hire an agent you are comfortable with, that you feel you know and trust. Make sure it’s one with experience and one that has the time it requires to do the best job.
  • If you choose a team, make sure you have team leader representing you throughout the sale of your house (that’s me!).


2. Consider your curb appeal

  • Make sure the first thing buyers see of your home entices them to want to see more. You only have one chance to make a first impression!
  • Invest in relatively easy fixes like planting colourful flowers and repainting the front door. 


3. Declutter

  • Less is definitely more when it comes to selling your home. If the house is overflowing with “stuff” it can give the impression to the buyers that there’s not enough room. Also, by decluttering now, it is one less chore you need to do when the time comes to moving.


4. Depersonalize your space

  • Remove personal items and family photos. Buyers need to visualize themselves and their family living in the house. The goal is to create a blank canvas for them.


5. Repaint walls to a neutral tone.

  • It’s safer. A bright colour you may have may be a buyer’s least favourite colour.
  • It’s rare someone hates a neutral colour, and it allows buyers to envision what the walls would look like in their favourite colour.


6. Clean, clean, clean

  • And then clean some more. You want your property to look spotless. 
  • Touch up any scuffmarks on doors, baseboard and walls if your not doing a full paint job.


7. Fix any loose handles

  • It might seem small, but a loose handle or missing light bulb can make buyers ask “what else is broken here?”


8. Add some plants

  • Plants create a more inviting environment. 
  • Also, consider a bowl of fruit or bouquet of flowers for the kitchen counter.


9. Consider staging

  • Home stagers will evaluate your house and determine what elements might raise the bar. It might mean bringing in appropriate furniture or just re-organizing in a whole new (better) way.

If you check each of these items off your list, you’re definitely setup for success, and we are here to help!

The Paul Sabiston Team is a team of experienced realtors, servicing the Greater Toronto Area. We offer hands-on, personalized service from start-to-finish, and look forward to being your trusted real estate advisors.

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